Phrozn – Static Site Generator for PHP

The world of web development is changing rapidly and no one wants to take the pain of writing and managing plain html based site. Use of templates, layouts and breaking up a page into elements (like header, footer) simplifies the development of web pages. Such pages are easy of manage as the change in header file reflects on all the pages.  Moreover, not all sites require complete dynamic features and even the pages are not frequently updated. At times, a static site is the actual required solution. Using a server side technology for such sites is actually a waste of resources. The frequent requests to the server to generate html content increase the server load. And thus, result in comparatively higher response time. The static html files don’t need any server side processing and thus are the fastest, in terms of retrieving from server and page load time.

A static site generator is the solution for such sites. There are such solutions available in other popular open source language like Ruby and Python. The popular among those are Jekyll, Hyde, Bonsai, Webgen and Blogofile. Surprisingly after more than 10 years of ever growing popularity, PHP doesn’t have any static site generator written for it. This made Victor Farazdagi create a static site generator for PHP, Phrozn.  He wrote about this in his blog on 10th April. Phrozn requires PHP 5.3 and the author claims to have used the code from popular projects like Zend framework 2, Symfony 2, Twig, PEAR and Pirum. The project is presently in beta version and available for download from official Github repository. The details are available at the official website of the Phrozn. The Phrozn site itself uses the site generator. A very good documentation is already available and lets wish a community grows to support the project and develop extensions.

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